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Digital Marketing Why is Inbound Marketing More Effective than Out-bounding Marketing?

Today, businesses are faced with a pertinent question – Is outbound marketing no more relevant? The fact that 90% of marketers still preferring traditional/outbound marketing is a tad surprising and disappointing (hubspot.com).

See, you can invest in outbound marketing, but that cannot promise you a high ROI. If you really want to cut through the competition, then diverting your attention and resources to digital marketing or inbound marketing is essential.

Consisting of radio broadcasts, TV commercials, direct-mail, and events sponsorships, the outbound marketing approach is taking a back seat. On the contrary, inbound marketing or digital marketing comprising SEO, social media, paid ads, and high-quality content has created waves like no other ever before. To understand how inbound marketing can help your business, you can talk to a digital marketing agency. But for now, let us understand why inbound marketing is a clear winner.

Inbound marketing Vs Outbound marketing – Why is Inbound Marketing the Winner?

Limitless reach – Without any geographical barriers, the reach of digital media is almost limitless. Thus, when you leverage it, you can reach and engage more audiences than you would have through the traditional medium of marketing. Be it social media, search engines, or subscribed mails, these channels put your advertisements at the centre stage.

But, given the limited audience base, outbound marketing is not very cost-effective and can only produce meagre conversions against what you have invested. From disrupting television shows to playing a second fiddle in big events like Superbowl, traditional advertisements are conceived as disruptive and get reduced to the footer.

Holistic approach – While outbound marketing offers some handful of options like TV commercials, newspaper ads, radio broadcasts, magazine ads, sponsorship, and tradeshows, the realm of inbound marketing is swelling with new opportunities each day. If you want to nail your inbound marketing strategy, you have to take a holistic approach and chalk out a content strategy, diversify distribution channels, plan a responsive design, focus on branding, and lots more.

Many of you might find this approach to be difficult, but it is totally worth it. It is not without a reason that inbound marketers are capable of doubling the average website conversion rate today (invespcro.com).

Educational content – Occupying a secondary position, advertisements in outbound marketing give you very little opportunity to educate and create an impact on the audience. But, with inbound marketing, the message is relevant, specific, and useful. At the heart of the inbound marketing is the content which has to be of really high-quality.

No wonder 79% of organisations with a blog section on their website have reported an increased ROI (invespcro.com). Whether you want to rank high on the SERP or convert more customers with call-to-action buttons, you will have to rely on content every time. Guidance from an SEO agency in Dubai can surely help you educate and engage your audience with useful articles and blogs.

Measurable data – With outbound marketing, the results are almost immeasurable and unreliable. Mostly spreading through word-of-mouth referrals, you do not get hardcore data to measure your returns on investment. As a result of this, what you get is an underperforming campaign and subpar marketing results. However, with inbound marketing, you can use a plethora of tools to obtain and measure every quantifiable data.

From tracking IP addresses and measuring performance metrics to researching keywords, you can calculate almost everything from the start to finish in digital marketing. That way analysing your ROI gets easier, effective, and fruitful.

Conclusion – Now that you know the benefits of inbound marketing, we are sure you will be prompt in leveraging its channels without inhibitions. Yes, you may get confused and falter at some steps, but with the help of a digital marketing agency, you can take the challenges to your stride. So, contact the right team of professionals and see your business transform like never before.

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