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Branding What Do You mean by a Logo Grid & Why Must You Use it?

Designing a unique logo requires creativity as well as a mathematical approach. Why do we say so? Well, that is because unless you achieve geometric harmony, you will be far from creating a logo that is unique, proportional, and visually-stirring.

As a leading branding agency in Dubai, we understand the significance of logo grids and consider them to be the foundation supporting the ultimate design or superstructure of a logo.

In other words, it is the logo grid that ensures consistency, accuracy, and symmetry in the final design. Even though it occupies most of the white space in the design, a logo grid plays an instrumental role in transforming your imagination or visualisations into memorable icons or shapes.

In this blog, we discuss the best practices that you may follow for developing logo grids.

Make the grid your guide – Do you think designing a logo is as simple as sketching your ideas randomly on a paper? That is never the case.

If you want a professional and high-impact logo, you have to use logo grids from day one,Based on geometric shapes and art lines, these grids can give birth timeless logos that represent the brand messaging and connect with the audience.

Starting from Firefox and Uber to Twitter and Squarespace, each of these logos is developed using a grid system.

When you hire a professional logo designer, you too can stay assured of sheer creative brilliance.

Avoid mathematical calculations – Using grids may tempt you to delve into mathematical calculations for achieving accuracy and perfection, but we suggest you against this indulgence. In 2013, the redesigned logo of Yahoo sparked a controversy about whether mathematical consistency in logo design is worth it.

Remember, the purpose of your logo is to evoke emotions in your audience and not impress all mathematicians. If you pay too much attention to mathematical ratios, then your brand logo might end up looking like a geometric figure devoid of any emotional appeal.

Always use an illustrator – With all things digital today, you need to design logo grids using an illustrator.

Yes, using pen and paper is also acceptable, but having hands-on experience with designing software is desirable for achieving nothing but perfection.

Unlike hand sketches, an illustrator can help you draw grids that are balanced and symmetrical and boast of a polished and professional look.

So, if you want your logo within a quick turnaround, make sure the company you have hired makes the optimal use of these applications.

Do not compromise on creativity – Using grids is no doubt important, but that does not mean you can reduce your focus on the creative aspect.

No matter how accurate or symmetrical your logo is, it will go down the drain if the logo fails to create the right psychological impact.

Bear in mind that the function of this grid is to complement your creativity and not subdue it. So, instead of simply staying stuck in the rigidity of the grid, you should let your creative juices flow to produce a ground-breaking logo design.

Conclusion – A logo grid is at the heart of all professional logos, and as such, you cannot ignore this integral part at any cost. Given its absolute importance in realising artistic brilliance, the grid systems are being leveraged by every professional website designer nowadays. Do you want to engage services from a company that can revamp the identity of your brand effectively? Get in touch with Webbiner and find all answers to your queries.

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