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E-commerce, Website Design What Are Some Desirable AI-Powered Features in E-commerce Websites?

The e-commerce market is exploding like there is no end to it. And as more and more customers turn towards online shopping, the craze around e-commerce is only expected to grow. If you have been planning to take your retail business online, this is your time to hire an e-commerce designer and flourish in this industry. While you may count on your professional for expert assistance, you should do your homework to keep abreast of the latest trends and make informed decisions. And speaking of current trends, do you know the impact of AI in e-commerce? This cutting-edge technology can take e-commerce user experience to the next level, not to speak of its effect in improving your business results. Do you wonder which AI features to add to any online store? We suggest the top 5 ideas to all business owners out there!

Personalisation Features – When integrated with AI, your online store can offer a personalised recommendation of products or services along with their respective pricing to your customers. Demographic information from a login, social media account or IP address of website visitors can tell you what exactly your prospective customers are looking for. You may also use AI analytics tools like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and Hot jar to study the behaviour of your website visitors, and thus enhance the customer services and usability of your website. Be it audience research, targeting, or sales performance – it all gets better with AI personalisation.

Chatbots and Communication – The quality of customer support can make or break the impression of your online store. Without spot-on customer services, you may end up losing your visitors to the competitors. Wondering the way around this problem? Introduce AI-backed chatbots on your website and leave the visitors impressed! Instant replies, quick chat, and an exchange of words can take the customer service of your online store to a newer height. It will motivate the visitors to complete purchases from your website and come back again for exploring more.

Product Recommendations – You must have asked the website maker to add all important features to your website, but did you mention the intelligent recommendation engine? The purpose of this feature is to give recommendations and relevant products or services to customers based on their previous search history or buying patterns. Product recommendations are also useful in sending emails or social media messages for motivating customers to consider purchasing products according to their liking. As you can already guess, all these advanced features help boost the conversations on your website.

Tackle Fake Reviews – Do you know online reviews play a critical role in influencing purchase decisions made by your website visitors? Given this importance, you can’t let fake reviews create a negative impression on your website visitors about your online store. Often the competitors can leave dishonest reviews on your site to misguide the visitors. When built by an expert e-commerce designer, your AI-based e-commerce website can easily identify spammy comments and automatically delete them to keep only genuine reviews and ratings on your website.

Image & Visual Search – The impact of AI is not limited to chatbots and product recommendations, you see. In days to come, we will also see AI empowering e-commerce websites with the visual search feature. As the AI technology can easily manage large volumes of data, it will enrich the visual search content by organising and recommending the relevant products or services according to the search intent of each customer. Visual search content with labelled images and videos can bolster the customer-centric search on your website thereby improving the overall e-commerce experience.

Closing Thoughts – Integrating AI in your e-commerce website is a winning combination that can help you excel in the competitive market and stay ahead of the curve. Do you want to launch your online store soon? Now is the time to create your online identity! Engage services from industry-best professionals and achieve your business goals.

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