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Digital Marketing Smart Website Design Hacks to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

As of March 2020, the shopping cart abandonment rate stood at 88.05% (statista.com). Surprised? Are you guessing the reasons that contribute to such huge order cancellations? Yes, it is true that high shipping cost, inadequate return policy, and non-functional discount coupons are some of the reasons that force customers to abandon the shopping cart. But do you know loopholes like long check out process, complex navigations, and forced account creations are also responsible for increasing the abandonment rate?

Being website design-related, these problems can be best fixed by an e-commerce website design expertSo, what do you think is leading to shopping cart abandonment on your website? To prevent these issues from affecting your sales and revenues, you should act quickly and get rid of them from the root. Keep reading to know some effective design strategies. 

Streamline the checkout process – A long checkout process can test the patience of your visitors and frustrate them to the core. It is no surprise that visitors abandon a website with a confusing checkout process to look for something simpler and less time consuming on the internet. So here are a few things you may try.

Minimize data entry, leverage the auto-save system, and reduce the number of steps that lead to the completion of the purchase journey. This simplified checkout process can help complete conversions and add to your revenues. Pro tip – work on the overall navigation to deliver a superior user experience. 

Offer guest checkout – Is your e-commerce website based on mandatory account creation? That is never a good way of winning customers. Like mentioned before, forced account registration is often identified as an obstacle by a buyer in his purchase journey. Long story short – this repulses your website visitors instead of attracting them.

So, the solution to this problem is the guest checkout. With this option, the visitor is not forced to register on the website for adding items to the cart. If you are eager to retarget these visitors, you may collect information or ask questions after the purchase. 

Focus on responsive design – With the age of mobile commerce setting in, you should focus on having a responsive design for your online store. If users are having a hard time to access or navigate your website through their mobiles, then it may add to shopping order cancellations. Not to speak of the damage it can cause your business and professionalism. Talk to an expert website designer who knows the best practices and can implement them for reducing shopping cart abandonment from mobiles. 

Offer multiple payment options – Credit cards are perhaps the most used payment options, but you need to go beyond and add mobile payment systems such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, PayPal, and so on to ensure the convenience of all visitors. Remember, the fewer payment options available for your visitors, the more chances of them of leaving your website without completing the purchase.

Also, make sure you’re integrating branded, reliable, and secure payment gateways so that your customers feel safe while sharing details for purchasing or booking goods and services. 

Closing Thoughts – Today, you cannot afford to lose your customers to your competitors. If you want to thrive in this competitive market, then you should focus on these website design hacks and improve your online store to support increased conversions. And if you are thinking which website design company can assist you in this journey, the one and only name is Webbiner. To receive high-quality professional services at competitive rates, contact the professional team right now. 

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