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SEO, Social Marketing SEO Vs SMO – Which Is Better for Your Business?

Digital marketing is one vast umbrella that encompasses several online activities to promote businesses. If you are willing to market your start-up, contacting a digital marketing agency becomes more than essential. Talking to an expert will help you understand what are the channels or activities you can leverage to get the most returns on your measured investments. Here, let us discuss two ways tried by any professional digital marketing executive to getting your business easily noticed by your target audience. Firstly, the professional can develop an SEO strategy to help your business top the search engine rank result thereby maximising its online visibility. Secondly, the experts can also launch an SMO strategy to establish a direct and stronger connection with the audience and prospective customers. If you are on a budget and do not know which would be better for your business, we can help you make a choice through this blog. Read along to know more.

What are SEO and SMO?

Anyone who is new to the world of digital marketing would find little to no difference between SEO and SMO. Although it is true that SMO does form a part of SEO, the difference between the two gets strikingly clear if and when analysed properly. SEO comprises a group of strategies that aims to improve the search engine ranking result of your business. Conducting keyword research, building quality backlinks, producing relevant content and updating Meta tags help drive high-quality traffic to your website, generate leads, and improve the prospect of conversions.

SMO, on the other hand, develops at the juncture of social media and search engine optimization. In the case of SMO, strategies are built and launched to help your business make the most of its social media presence. Through an SMO campaign, you can join common groups, comment on posts, and use several types of content to both educate and entertain your audience on different platforms. Despite operating in different zones, both SEO and SMO work together to drive maximum traffic thereby helping you get a higher ROI on your business.

Understanding the Differences between SEO and SMO

Although conceived as the two sides of the same coin, SEO and SMO are not the same, which you have certainly figured out by now. Here are the key differences between the two underlined comprehensively for your better understanding.

SEO for visibility and SMO for marketing – While you may have hired an SEO agency in Dubai to increase the search engine ranking result of your business, an SMO campaign ensures its marketing on several social media channels. The former is more about improving online visibility through better ranking, whereas, the latter is concerned with driving quick and quality customer engagement for a business.

SEO for increasing traffic and SMO for connecting with customers – By improving your organic ranking, SEO helps your business website get maximum traffic. However, it is a long process and helps only a little in establishing quick connection with your audience. On the other hand, not only does SMO drive traffic through social media channels, but it also facilitates direct customer engagement and generates audience loyalty.

SEO to impress search engine algorithm and SMO to engage and inform customers directly – Search engine algorithms filter and rank only high-quality content that readers or users shall find useful. So, your content has to appeal to algorithms first before reaching the audience that is looking for information on the search engine. In the case of SMO, however, you can create and post content to have them read by the audience directly.

SEO does not require networking profiles while SMO depends on extensive networking – When you go for SEO, you need not focus on creating networking profiles. All you need is a website that is sufficiently optimised for SEO to improve the ranking of your business. However, to get the best returns on your SMO strategy, a social media marketing agency can help you open, maintain, and optimize networking accounts on various platforms.

Conclusion – Since both SEO and SMO intend to drive maximum traffic to your website, leveraging them in combination can bolster the online presence of your business. Moreover, being interdependent, SEO and SMO can always be implemented together to draw high-yielding marketing results. Now, if you have a limited budget, time, and other resources, you can consult a digital marketing agency to make the right choice. Proper strategizing can help you ace the online marketing of your business with minimal hiccups.

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