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Mobile App How to Choose Between Android & iOS for the First Time App Development?

With the number of smartphone users increasing each day, you cannot negate the importance of building a mobile app anymore. In fact, mobile app development is one area in which you should definitely invest to reap the benefits in 2021.

Now, the million-dollar question is – whether you should invest in iOS or Android app development? See, both have their own sets of pros and cons. To make the best choice, you should analyse your needs and acknowledge your constraints before contacting any random android or iOS app development agency. What is your budget? Do you have any deadline within which you want the app to be ready? So, you see, there are so many questions that need to be answered before you finalise anything. Here, we discuss the parameters to determine the best choice for your business.

Development Language, Time, and Cost – While Java is used for building Android apps, Swift is leveraged for iOS app development. There is no denying that both are cutting-edge development languages, but Swift is must faster than Java, which needs a lot of coding. Given this difference, it requires greater time for app developers to build Android apps than iOS ones. Also, since android app development is more time-consuming, it also ends up being more costly.

Audience Expanse and Reachability – With Google Android commanding 51.1% of the market share, you can reach more customers by investing in an Android app. However, when you consider factors like loyalty, retention, and engagement, iOS apps outperform their Android counterparts. Also, you need to understand your target demographic for deciding the platform. So, where are you planning to launch your app? While Android apps are popular in Asia & Latin American countries, iOS apps enjoy greater popularity in high-GDP nations like the US and Japan.

Design Flexibility and Usability – If you go by design, an Android app offers you a variety of it. Contact an android app development agency, and it can customise the app design as per the specific requirements of your business. On the other hand, iPhone or iPad users have to live with the static and same old design features in their iOS apps. While both Android and iOS apps boast of streamlined menu and navigation, customisation is the prized feature in the Google Android apps. But, remember that iOS apps are more secured given its closed nature, which contradicts the open-source of Android apps.

Speed of Deployment – Want to launch your business app as soon as possible in the market? Or do you have enough time for deployment? Bear in mind that the acceptance process for Android apps on Google Play is a little less protracted than releasing iOS apps on the Apple Store. This is so because Android apps are reviewed automatically, whereas, iOS apps are verified by experts. Keep this point in mind so that you don’t have to face launch delays later.

Planning a Monetizing Strategy – Coming to app monetization, iOS apps bring in more revenues for businesses than the Android ones. As iPhone users are more likely to spend on in-app purchases, the app monetization model is a huge success on iOS. On the other hand, the ad-based monetization model works the best Android apps in which users are reluctant to spend as much as an average iOS app user. So, understand your business objective and then make the right choice.

Conclusion –Here are some of the factors based on which you should select the ideal app development platform for your business. In case, you’re dicey and not being able to make a decision, you should always consult with an Android or iOS app development agency for the right guidance. As a leading digital consultancy, Webbiner can resolve your doubts as well as create a high-quality app for your business. Request a quote to get started now!

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