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Website Design, Website Development How Do You Create a User-friendly Website As Per Google Algorithm 2020?

With Google announcing its latest algorithm update, everyone is buckling up for implementing the necessary changes in their websites. As the most preferred search engine is determined to provide relevant and useful information to its users, keeping pace with its update is necessary to survive in this fiercely competitive marketplace. Remember, the search ranking of your website depends heavily on how the Google crawlers study and analyse its content and substance. Treating this core update lightly can cost you in terms of plummeted ranking, drops in website traffic, and losing on customers. You sure do not want your business to get obsolete. Do you? To revamp your website, get in touch with a web design company at the earliest. From changing the feel and look of your website to optimizing the contents with SEO keywords, the experts know what it takes to deliver a top-notch business website.

Here are a few facts that you must take into account when deciding a website overhaul

1. Google’s quality-related guidelines – As a part of its core update, Google has introduced changes in its YMYL and EAT pages. Thus, you have to make sure your website hosts quality content that delves deeper into the subject matter without being superficial at any level. For the best results, you can approach a reputable website development company to create contents in consonance with Google’s specified guidelines. With credential contents, you can win more customers and build links for your website. Bear in mind that optimizing contents with keywords is not going to be sufficient if they lack depth and substance. If you are finding the right time to adopt a new content strategy, then this is the time to act!

2. Add a favicon – Do you wonder how a 16×16-pixel image decides the ranking of your website? It does because Google suggests you to define them in the search results. In most modern web browsers, you will find a 16 x 16 – pixel image being displayed to the left side of the URL. That is a favicon. You can also find a favicon next to the name of the website in a list of web bookmarks. Favicon is particularly helpful for businesses who find branding as a challenge. If you are finding an effective way to reinforce your brand, trust the power of a favicon – with this, you can get your colours or logo at your desired place on the web.

3. Have the necessary information for the visitors – Make sure your website has informative and high-quality content. In other words, your pages must have useful information that will grab the attention of your visitors and webmasters to establish links to your site. While creating content, think and use those words that best describe your service/product and which users will type and search on Google.

4. Develop an easily accessible site – You have created a feature-enriched website with optimized content but alas! It is difficult to access. While developing a website, it is important to make sure that your site is built with a logical link structure. Trusting a website design company with a proven track record can help you win this game better. they’ll fine-tune your site using a text browser like Lynx; this enables you to see your site in a text browser using features like Javascript, DHTML, cookies, among others.

Conclusion – Your website is the first and the last online address for your potential visitors. Hence, creating it with a customer-centric approach and following Google Algorithm 2020 update with discretion is a surefire strategy to boost your services/products in the highly competitive online environment. And when you avail expert website design services, get ready to see your brand resonating with your customers successfully.

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