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Website Design, Website Development How Do UX/UI Designers Secure Digital Presence of Your Start-up?

In the world of web design and development, you can no more do it your way, for fulfilling customer expectation is above everything today. Mere online existence is also not sufficient if you are to cut through the noise and make the right impact on your audience.

You have to revamp your online identity, and for that, if you need to hire a website development company so be it. That being said, we stress the importance of hiring UI/UX web designers for start-ups. With their businesses taking off, such owners need the right guidance and the best professionals to rely on from the start.

So, instead of hiring a rookie web designer in order to cut corners, you should hire UI/UX designers and get the foundation of your online presence right. 

What is the difference between UI and UX designers?

User Interface (UI) designers are involved in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your website by working on the look and feel of the design. Focussing on the minute details, they emphasise both usability and visual stimulus thereby making the interaction between the users and your website as much seamless as possible. 

Coming to the User Experience (UX) designers, they are the chief architects who prepare the groundwork upon which the UI designers need to layout the visual elements. By analysing the demographic trend of your business, the UX designers determine the user flow on your website in order to maximise the prospects of conversions. It is they who share their major findings with the UI designers and help them put user-friendly elements on your website. 

However, with customer expectations gaining importance each day, web designers are combining the UI/UX into one role. No, hiring a UX/UI website designer will not break your bank, instead what you must realise is that every $1 invested in UI/UX can give you a return worth $100 (uxcam.com).

Has your jaw dropped? Expected! Now let us see how you can take the UI/UX designers on board with you.

Identifying the user base – Let us get it straight, not every website is meant for all types of audience. Working with the production management team, the UX/UI designers curate and identify the ‘persona’ of your target audience. Right from studying the age, location, and gender to analysing interests and behavioural habits, they craft the ‘persona’ for positive experiencing building on your website.

Moreover, with 76% of customers expecting their brands to understand their needs and wants, your business needs to rely on the expert designers for increasing the effectiveness of web design (intech.com). 

Organisation of the website – An improper information architecture can hamper user experience to an extent you cannot even imagine. For the proper organisation of the website, you must let a website design company take the charge of the task.

On one hand, being UX experts, the designers can take a macro approach in creating an overarching design for streamlining the user flow.

On the other hand, as UI designers, the professionals look into the nitty-gritty of the overall design and decide the minute elements like menus, buttons, and colours to realise the objective delivering of superior user experience. 

Making yourwebsite accessible – Creating a professional and optimised website will serve no purpose unless it is made accessible to everyone. Do not take it lightly because over 40% of customers can abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (econsultancy.com). Sounds brutal? We know it does. But by incorporating light and robust elements, a web designer can minimise the loading time on your website.

That apart, the experts also focus on creating a responsive design to make your website accessible on all types of devices such as mobile and tablets along with desktops. 

Givingtesting its due importance – See, if you want to build a successful website, designing and testing must go hand in hand. And realising the importance of this simultaneous procedure, the expert designers make sure your website is designed to deliver the high-quality user experience. As soon as they build a prototype, the UX designer gets it tested by either professional or non-professional testers.

Once the UI designer fills in the details and enriches the overall design, it is forwarded for hallway testing or remote testing. If detected, glitches are eliminated before putting the website on live. 

Way Forward – Investing in UX/UI is a must if you want to build a strong online presence today.

As a result, you cannot turn away from hiring a professional UX/UI designer any longer. Looking for a reputable website development company? Want to engage its services? Contact Webbiner and get ready to ride the wave of user-focused design. 

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