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Social Marketing How Can You Make the Most of Facebook Ad Funnel?

With 1.62 billion users visiting Facebook daily, your business stands a brilliant opportunity to get noticed by its target audience (hootsuite.com). But just being there will not help unless you are hiring a social media marketing company and doing enough push down your leads through the ad funnel. Reading this term for the first time? We can help you understand. Simply put, ad funnel decides the sequence of your ad campaign and guides the journey of your buyers. The funnel can be divided into three parts – top, middle, and bottom. It is not over yet. Each of these parts signifies something deep and extremely important for your business. While the funnel top is associated with raising awareness, consideration is identified with the middle of the ad funnel. Most importantly, the bottom of this funnel stands for conversion. Want to get the most out of the Facebook ad funnel? Keep reading then!

Attracting your target customers – Once you have identified your audience, you have to take the steps to earn their attention. Remember, they do not even know that you are Facebook. So, you have to be patient and become extra creative to cut through the clutter and increase your visibility. From videos and images to going live and posting interesting infographics, diversify your content to catch customers’ attention. Do not forget to optimize your account and use hashtags that you think may align with your business because it is going to improve your ranking on the social media search result.

Maximising lead generation – Now that you have turned strangers into visitors, you have to take another step of converting them into leads. Here again, content plays a major role in maximising your lead prospects. Are you churning out blogs regularly? That’s great but how about sharing their links on Facebook? Conducting a webinar next month? Update your Facebook followers about the same. Make sure your posts are of high quality and aim to benefit the custo

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