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Digital Marketing Gain a Competitive Edge with a Healthcare App during Pandemic

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the global medical apps market is expected to register a growth of 34.20% CAGR by 2026 (globenewswire.com). Do you wonder what has triggered tremendous demand around this particular app segment?

Well, the answer is Covid-19 pandemic. Afraid of visiting hospitals or clinics, people are turning towards healthcare apps for medical consultations. That being said, we do not mean that people did not seek digital consultation before. However, the unprecedented impact of the corona-virus crisis has pushed the popularity of medical apps through the roof. Do you belong to the healthcare industry?

Why suffer because of the lockdown when you can hire a mobile app development agency and simply take the digital route? By adding useful features, the app builders can increase the usability and appeal of your app.

Top 4 Features of a Healthcare/Medical App for Better User Experience

Video conferencing – Useful for remote monitoring, the video conferencing feature can bridge the distance between the professional and the patient to a considerable extent. By leveraging the power of Application Programming Interfaces (API), the virtual consultation allows the users to share their medical record with doctors who can then use collective data to create and create prescriptions for them.

In short, API allows the system to send, receive, and even updates records of all patients automatically. Along with videos, chat and messaging features must also facilitate clear communication between the two parties on such apps.

Profile features – An app without defined profile features is far from being complete. Before engaging any of your services, the users will first want to know the participants on your platforms. To improve customer retention rate and reduce abandonment rate, make sure all the profiles features are on point and updated.

Apart from including important and relevant information, you should look into the design to make it free-flowing and easily navigable. This is one of many features that can deliver a superior user experience in the long run.

Symptom checking – Scared of contracting corona-virus, more and more people are checking symptoms on medical apps today. To serve people with a holistic app, you can ask your app development agency to integrate this feature for driving the maximum traffic.

This system needs users to self-diagnose by answering a series of questions like age, symptoms, duration, impact, and progress, and so on. To help them diagnose properly, the app should also offer a list of diseases that correspond to their shared details or conditions.

Payment processing – One way of winning customer trust is by integrating secure payment gateways in your medical app. Without proper payment options, your customers can simply turn away and start using your competitor’s app.

Do you want that to happen? No, we guess. From card payment and mobile wallets to internet banking options, you should diversify the payment options to cater to a wide range of customers. Along with that, your app should also support insurance scanning feature for easy filling of details and fast processing of payments.

Conclusion – We agree that getting started with mobile app development is not easy, for you need to prepare a plan, identify your goals, and hire professional app builders. But, with consistency and right decision-making, you can reach the top. Whether you want to hire a website designer or an app builder, contact Webbiner for all your digital needs. Offering high-quality services at competitive prices, the company can give wings to your imaginations.

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