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Mobile App Discover the Top Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile App Development

As a turbulent 2020 comes to an end, we have realised that digital readiness is going to be essential for determining the success of businesses for now on. And when speaking of a digital foothold, no amount of transformation is complete unless you are investing in mobile app development services. To secure your position in this competitive market, you need to partner with a mobile app development company that uses the Flutter framework to roll out a feature-rich mobile app for your business.

Now, you may wonder why it has to be Flutter when there is an array of cross-platform frameworks available in the market. Curious to find that out, right? In this blog, you will find answers to all of your questions. Here, we explain what makes this framework the best choice for mobile app development. So, read till the end to know more.

Why Must You Go for a Cross-Platform Application?

Before we understand the nitty-gritty of Flutter, we should learn what cross-platform applications (the category to which Flutter belongs) are all about. Find here the reasons that make a cross-platform application a better alternative to its native counterparts.

Faster Development – Developed using a single code, cross-platform apps do not require you to write codes repeatedly no matter on which operating system you plan to run it. As a result, you can develop these apps in the quickest time possible.

Low-cost Involved – Since you have to write new codes for developing native apps for different operating systems, the entire exercise can end up being too expensive. However, when you reuse a single code for building cross-platform apps, it can reduce app development & maintenance costs.

Streamline Testing – With cross-platform application development, there is no need to hire a separate tester for checking the app performance on different platforms. As quality assurance testers have to check just one version of your application, and they help streamline the testing process.

Now… What Is Flutter and Why Must You Use it?

Launched by Google, Flutter has quickly become one of the most sought-after software development kits for building cross-platform applications. With leading enterprises like eBay, GROUPON, and SONOS choosing Flutter for making feature-rich apps, every mobile app development company is motivated to use this framework for meeting the needs of their clients. Also, the fact that Flutter is the second most leading language for the cross-platform app creation shows that it surely has qualities that help it outstrip other players in the market. Here we discuss what makes this technology a top choice of all business brands.

Faster Development with Hot Reload – The hot reload feature is at the heart of the fast development and deployment of Flutter-based applications. When you leverage this feature, you can inject codes and change the UI in just milliseconds without even having to reload the application. It is due to this feature the developers can build and launch your app in the shortest time. Even when you have to fix bugs or want to experiment with the UI, this revolutionary feature can prove to be very handy.

Native App-like Experience – Think you should get your app built by an android app development company for delivering a native app-like user experience to the users? With the Flutter toolkit, you do not have to take that hassle. As this toolkit contains a wide range of customised widgets and libraries, a Flutter-based app lets you emulate the look and feel of native Android or iOS without compromising on the benefits of cross-platform app development. Consequently, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this robust and high-performance framework.

High Performance Assured – Worried that it might not live up to your expectations because it is a cross-platform framework? Well, Flutter is way ahead of React Native, Swift, and various other frameworks in terms of performance. With all fantastic widgets on board, Flutter allows the creation of feature-rich apps that boast of great performance and speed. Whether you want to build a single-page application or a complex IoT application, Flutter can support both alike. Just make sure you engage expertise from a company that has a record in offering top-notch app development services.

Animation &Gamification – Underpinned on advanced API, the Flutter framework helps you with faster and better app animations. And as gamification is all set to become the next big thing in mobile app development, the high-end AP feature may allow easy integration of gaming elements to the apps developed using Flutter. It does not require a saying that implementing a gamified interface can give your app a competitive edge by driving better user engagement and ensuring high speed & performance at the same time.

Ideal for MVP Strategy – Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an approach used by start-ups to ensure error-free development and launch of mobile apps, and thus avoid disappointments later on. When you combine the power of both MVP and Flutter, you can not only reduce the development costs, but you also start with testing from the onset of the process. Backed by interesting features like single code, customised widgets, and hot reload, Flutter framework can be the best bet of small businesses for building exceptional mobile apps based on MVP.

Closing Thoughts – To deliver a superior user experience to your customers or clients, you should hire an app development company that have experts specialised in cross-platform application development using Flutter. Are you still decided to expertise from an android app development company? Why don’t you contact with Webbiner team and resolve your doubts?

Based on your goals, budget, and time constraints, the expert team can analyse and help you pick the right platform or framework for the development of your mobile app. To get a quote or book an appointment, give us a call today.

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