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Mobile App, Website Design, Website Development Animations in Web Design – What Are the Pros and Cons?

From the hover effect and entertaining slideshows to interesting navigation buttons and customised loading, animations are taking modern web designs to the next level. But adding user interface animations is definitely a lot of work. Cannot understand why we say this? Well, while animations longer than one second are considered to be too boring, the shorter ones of 100 ms are perceived to be too quick to follow (uxdesign.cc). So, if you are not paying attention to all these finesse, animations can do more harm than good to your website. As integrating animations in the web design is a tricky business, we think you should get help from a website design company in DubaiTo create the right impact on your audience, these moving visuals have to be used in the right proportions and judiciously. In this blog, we shed light on both pros and cons of using animations.

Pros of using animations in web design

Unique Brand Storytelling – If used with the right precision, animations can reinforce your brand storytelling. Look how Wonderful Weekends, an initiative by Google to celebrate cities is leaving everyone impressed with its amazing animations. Sporting the brand colours, the animated version of the ball pit game is sensational and delivering a superior user experience.

Given the right speed of animation, the visuals of this site are appealing and not overwhelming to the human eyes. So, you see, animations that conform to the uniqueness of your brand can never go in vain and create the desired impact on the visitors. Besides, remember, the better the brand storytelling, the more effective customer engagement is going to be.

Navigation Made Easy & Interesting – Findings ways to make the visitors stay on your website for longer span? We guess animations can prove to be extremely beneficial in this content. Adding hover animations and facilitating micro-interactions can make navigation interesting and exciting for the users. For instance, moving the cursor over the hidden menu will reveal the products and services thereby proving to be user-friendly.

So, when you use functional animations, the chances of engaging more audience only get better. Moreover, with the advent of CSS and Javascript, it has become feasible to add animations without disturbing the website loading speed nowadays. And this means a boost for the user experience!

A Step Closer to Conversions – No, we do not say that web design animations impact the conversions directly. But using animations is one of those steps you may take to realise the goal of achieving more conversions. Do you know busy consumers prefer spending whatever little time they get on browsing aesthetically pleasing website rather than using a plain and simple site? And as expected, useful graphics and images have a huge role to play in this.

When you do it the right way, these visual elements can lead to a higher user experience, which in turn may drive conversions for your business. Yes, it can get overwhelming for you to handle it all alone, and thus we think you should hire the expertise of the best website development company at the very outset of your project.

Cons of using animations in web design

Distracting when overused – See, the ultimate purpose of any website is to communicate the brand message and lead your visitors to conversions. But, when you add too many animations, it may distract your audience from the primary activities such as completing purchases, submitting queries, or booking services. Ask any developer, designer or tester and everyone would agree that an over usage of animations causes a blunder and dampens your effort to deliver a higher UX.

Slow website loading – Of course, the newest technologies have made the integration of animations possible and feasible, but there is a limit to this possibility. Indiscriminate dumping of animations will automatically reduce the website loading speed. As 70% of customers believe that page load speed impacts their buying decisions, you’ll need to be little careful about using animations on your website (searchenginejournal.com). Keep in mind that balancing between aesthetics and usability is the key always.

Way forward – Using animations can be both promising and challenging for your business website, but it all depends on how you plan to use them. Think you need professional help? Contact Webbiner, the top website design and mobile app development agency in Dubai. When you hire the right expertise, reaping the benefits of website animation designs becomes easier than you think. So, take the right actions now!

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