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Digital Marketing 4 Ways of Optimizing Your Google Ad Campaign for Better Results

Are you investing in Google ads for marketing your products or services? Remember, there is no “set-and-forget” formula in the world of digital marketing. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment, you have to do more than just setting up your ad campaign. Once it goes live, optimising your campaign is the real deal. Since this process is a long one and almost unending, keeping up with the specificities can overwhelm you. For this reason, we recommend you to get in touch with a digital agency in Dubai today. With their expertise, professional marketers can manage your ad campaign effectively and improve the market share of your business brand considerably. Here, we will discuss how hiring expert help allows you to strengthen your optimization efforts and generate ROI for your business.

Perfect Strategy of Optimizing Your Google Ad Campaign

A smart keyword strategy – Continuous optimisation of keywords is important to keep your Google ad campaign relevant and rewarding in the long run. Using different types of tools, the experts search for potential long-tail keywords and incorporate them in your ad campaign. Next, they prepare a list of negative keywords and regularly update it so that you do not end up spending on irrelevant clicks. Moreover, they are also expected to analyse the search term report of Google to update the keyword list with the latest searches by people. This allows your campaign to get easily noticed by the target audience on the internet.

A robust bidding plan – Now, bidding is a complex part of an overall Google ad campaign strategy. Generally speaking, it is about how much you can spend on each keyword to get conversions concerning that specific keyword. When you hire a digital marketing expert, he or she can monitor your campaign regularly and ask you to adjust the bid as per the performance of that particular keyword. Strategic bidding can help you maximise strong performers and isolate poor performers based on parameters such as the types of devices used, time frame, and geographic location.

An updated ad copy is a must – If you have implemented the points discussed above, you can shift your focus on optimising the ad copies. To attract your target audience, make sure the headlines are catchy and relevant. In case you have a unique offer for your customers, feel free to include it in your ad copies. Write the description lines in such a way so that it motivates the audience to find out more about your products/services and related offers. Plus, do not forget to add call extensions, site link extensions, review extensions and so on to improve the chances of getting more clicks.

A high impact landing page – Receiving all those clicks will amount to nothing if the landing page is unable to transform the traffic to sales. Avoid using the home page as the landing page, since the latter has to be solely focussed on a particular product or service and the offer you have already mentioned in the ad. Make sure the landing page never diverts from what has been mentioned in the ad copy and is an elaborated version of the latter. It all might sound extremely confusing to you, and that is why we say hiring professional help is essential. With expert assistance, you stay covered from all sides.

Conclusion – Optimisation requires daily monitoring of performances and in-depth analysis of various parameters. For this, you would require dedicated professional help. So, if you want to increase return on investment, hiring an online advertising agency in Dubai becomes essential. Be quick to engage industry-best experts to set your marketing campaign on the right track.

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